Chx winstone reboot

Reboot: The Guardian Code, Promo Art.

Chx winstone megabyte06


Chx winstone megabyte05
Chx winstone megabyte02
Chx winstone megabyte01
Chx winstone dfrag03

D-Frag the Guardian

Chx winstone dfrag01
Chx winstone dfrag02
Reboot: The Guardian Code

In 2017, I had the pleasure of working on Reboot: The Guardian Code. Our team was very creative and adaptive the whole way. We had a lot of fun working together. From the main character lineup I modelled the Guardian, D-Frag, as well as the main villain, Megabyte. 
I was able to work on many characters, several of which have yet to be revealed. 
To create the Reboot characters we used Maya and Zbrush. Surfacing was rendered in Unreal Engine by other artists at Rainmaker.

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